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We all love a story

And that’s what we create: compelling and engaging business stories through video.

They help sell your company, products and brand to potential and existing clients.

Whether it’s a promo video, a content marketing video, an interview, or a training video, we make your business look its best.

Why Us?

We are flexible to clients’ needs, and make the whole process easy.

We script, create the storyboard, give presenting advice, film, edit, and produce a professional business video.

If you need video for your website, social media or an email marketing campaign, get in touch.

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Our Style

Holden Media Pro focuses on content and storytelling, and we deliver that in the most succinct and attention-grabbing way.

Our videos are creative, yet honest and authentic, and tell the best stories in your company.

Corporate videos don’t have to be dull. Your potential clients won’t watch if they are!

Why Video?

Online video is growing, traditional television is declining. We’re switching to on demand viewing more and more, and we’re watching more on our mobiles.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, as people increasingly search through video. Facebook and Snapchat have on average 8 billion video views a day.

The explosion of video is a massive opportunity for businesses, as the distinction between programmes, advert and content is blurred.

Marketing experts believe the chances of a potential customer buying a product increase by 64 per cent after watching a video.

So get in touch!